Here’s How ONCEs Made Tzuyu a Literal “Charity Angel”

ONCEs totally did a true act of kindness!

Tzuyu has known as being an angel to ONCEs (and not just because she played one in a MV), but because of her sweet, caring personality.

So ONCEs wanted to repay her in kind!

Korean website myloveidol holds a monthly “Charity Angel” project where fans can vote to boost their favorite idol in the rankings.

But here’s where things got super sweet!

At the end of ranking period, votes are tallied and once the winners are announced, myloveidol will then donate 500,000 won (~$450 USD) to charity in the idol’s name.

Tzuyu was crowned female “Charity Angel” for the period of December 12, 2018 to January 10, 2019, with 2,984 votes – barely edging out IZ*ONE’s Miyawaki Sakura.

What’s notable though is ONCEs have helped Tzuyu hold the “Charity Angel” title for seven consecutive months.

While not record breaking (yet), it still is an impressive run – especially when we found out that this streak allowed for a donation of 5 million won ($4,480 USD) being given to charity in her name.

While we don’t know if Tzuyu has ever been notified of her “Charity Angel” title, I’m sure she is thankful for ONCEs for helping those in need!