TWICE Are Completely Dominating Japanese Charts With Their Latest Single Album “Fanfare”

TWICE are ruling over the charts:

With the release of their 6th single album Fanfare, TWICE have once again taken over the charts and claimed their crowns as charting queens!


Ahead of their single album’s release, TWICE dropped the MV and audio for their title track of the same name as part of their promotional campaign on June 16. At the time, TWICE immediately claimed no. 1 on Line Music‘s Realtime Top 100 chart as well as Line Music’s Daily Top 100 chart.

After releasing the album on July 8, however, TWICE’s reign over the charts has only grown with top spots on Oricon, Billboard Japan, and more.

On the morning of July 14, Japan’s largest sales statistics site Oricon revealed that Fanfare had taken no. 1 on the Weekly Singles chart for the week of July 6 through July 6 with a sale of 177,000 albums. This is TWICE’s 4th single to snag the top spot after One More Time, Candy, and Wake Me Up all took the spot after their release!


TWICE didn’t just take a top spot on Oricon, however. On July 13, Billboard Japan revealed the first-week sales of Fanfare to be 208,778 copies which meant that it took the no. 1 on the Top Singles Sales chart. Additionally, the new album also topped the Singles Sales chart of Tower Records stores.

Billboard Japan’s Top Singles Sales chart. | @SubjectKpop/Twitter

To top it off, as of July 13, Fanfare sold 271,640 copies thereby achieving platinum certification. This is TWICE’s 10th album to consecutively receive a platinum certification in Japan after #TWICE, One More Time, Candy Pop, Wake Me Up, BDZ, #TWICE2, HAPPY HAPPY, Breakthrough, and &TWICE.

TWICE stay slaying!

Source: Osen and Sedaily