TWICE Unveils Jawdropping Concept Pictures For Upcoming Album

All the members look incredible!

TWICE just dropped the concept pictures for their upcoming mini album BETWEEN 1&2, and the members look drop-dead gorgeous.

Though the group started out with a cute concept during their debut years, over time, they have gradually shifted to a more mature vibe. If we go by these concept photos, BETWEEN 1&2 can definitely be expected to show off TWICE’s mature and sexy personas, a glimpse of which we got in “Perfect World” and “Cry For Me.”

While members Mina, Chaeyoung, and Nayeon served top-tier visuals in full-body shots and sexy outfits, the rest of the girls shwed off that face card and how!



BETWEEN 1&2 comes out on August 26, 2022, at 1 PM KST. The new era of TWICE is upon us!