ONCE Asks JYP Entertainment For An OT9 TWICE Concert DVD After The 8-Member Seoul Concert DVD Is Announced

Fans want to see all 9 members performing on stage together.

ONCE was excited to hear that TWICE was releasing a concert DVD from their III tour, but fans’ excitement waned after they realized that the DVD will not show Jeongyeon performing on stage.

| @JYPETWICE/Twitter

On April 26, JYP Entertainment announced that the company was releasing the concert DVD from TWICE’s Seoul concert. The group kicked off their III tour with 2 shows in Seoul on December 25 and 26, 2021.

Jeongyeon did not perform with the other members at the Seoul concerts due to health issues, and her absence from the shows was announced by JYP Entertainment ahead of the two shows.

Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

Although she wasn’t able to participate in the Seoul concerts, Jeongyeon performed during TWICE’s entire US tour and during all 3 of the Tokyo concerts.

Mina (left) and Jeongyeon (right) backstage in Tokyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

Because there are so many OT9 tour performances that include Jeongyeon, some fans are questioning why JYP Entertainment decided to release an 8-member performance as the official concert DVD.

Fans also wondered why the company released a concert DVD with Christmas songs and costumes. The Seoul shows were performed on Christmas and the day after Christmas, so the members wore Christmas costumes during the encores. During the other shows, however, they wore tour merch. Some fans believe releasing footage of the members in their tour merch would be preferable and much more timeless than the footage of the members in their seasonal costumes.

Jeongyeon does appear in behind-the-scenes footage from the DVD preview video, so ONCE will be able to see her in some scenes included on the DVD. However, the clips do not compare to seeing her perform on stage with the other 8 members. ONCE also noticed that a Jeongyeon photocard is included in the concert DVD package, but her photocard is not included in the Blu-Ray version of the same concert.

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Although fans are disappointed that the DVD won’t include footage of Jeongyeon performing on stage with her fellow members, many ONCEs are hopeful that JYP Entertainment will later release a DVD of the Tokyo concerts or the US concerts. TWICE is set to make history as the first K-Pop girl group to perform at a stadium in the United States during their 2 encore concerts in Los Angeles, so fans are optimistic that the company may release a DVD of their historic performances.

While some fans are hopeful that an OT9 DVD is on the way, other fans believe that the company may have only been able to professionally film the Seoul concerts, which would mean that an OT9 DVD would be impossible to make unless the Los Angeles encore concerts will be professionally filmed.

JYP Entertainment acknowledged that Jeongyeon will not appear in the footage from the Seoul concert in the product description for the DVD. They wrote, “The DVD was produced during the Seoul concert where member Jeongyeon was unable to participate due to various situations. As it was a measure taken with her health in mind, we ask for the fans’ understanding.”

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Meanwhile, some fans have decided to boycott the DVD altogether to express their disappointment that JYP Entertainment chose to release an 8-member DVD instead of a DVD that includes all members.