TWICE’s “Coward Sisters” Jihyo And Nayeon Sing Their Own Songs To Calm Their Fears

These two know TWICE’s songs are the best way to “Cheer Up” 😂

ONCE finds a lot of comfort in TWICE‘s songs, and it looks like the group’s members do, too!

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In the latest TIME TO TWICE episode, the members took on a spooky scavenger hunt in the dark at an empty school. They had to find the numbers to the combination lock on their classroom’s door, so they could get back in the classroom after being locked out.

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The members paired off into teams, and Nayeon and Jihyo teamed up. Before they even started hunting for numbers, Nayeon and Jihyo looked terrified and revealed that they hate the dark.

The two seemed so terrified that the staff even called them the “coward sisters.”

When Nayeon and Jihyo heard that the staff wouldn’t be accompanying them during the scavenger hunt, they were even more scared. Nayeon said, “I hate this! Come with us!” 

Before they headed off to look for numbers, Nayeon and Jihyo sweetly promised to protect each other.

As they walked to the first scavenger hunt location, Nayeon and Jihyo grew even more terrified, and Nayeon was close to tears. “I don’t wanna go. I’m too scared,” she told Jihyo.

Thankfully, the two TWICE members had the perfect remedy for their fears: Their own songs!

As Jihyo entered the first room to look for numbers, Nayeon broke out into “Alcohol-Free” to cheer her on.

Jihyo was totally on the same wavelength, and she sang a little of “Knock Knock” while knocking on the door to the next room.

Singing their songs must have given these TWICE members strength because they made it inside the school, which brought them one step closer to making it inside the locked classroom!

See the full TIME TO TWICE episode below.