Three Special Guests At TWICE’s Concert Make Dahyun “A Little Nervous” And Chaeyoung Emotional

“I’m a little nervous because…”

TWICE are currently on their Ready To Be world tour, captivating fans with their high-energy stages and impressive talents.

TWICE | JYP Entertainment

From impressive synchronicity…

To live vocals…

And addictive choreography, fans love every minute of TWICE’s stages.

The fans themselves even get to join in at parts of the concert, showing off their impressive dance skills.

And TWICE are certainly having fun at their concertsΒ teasing each other.

But even though TWICE has already held multiple of their Ready To Be concerts, Dahyun informed her fans at the recent Australia concert that she was feeling “a little nervous” due to some special guests in the crowd.

TWICE’s Dahyun | @godmitzu/TwitterΒ 

Dahyun said her parents were in the crowd, cheering on the group.

I’m a little nervous because my parents come here now. Mom, daddy, do you see me?

β€” Dahyun

| @godmitzu/TwitterΒ 

Chaeyoung also eagerly let fans know that her mom was also attending the concert to support the group, which even made the talented idol emotional.

TWICE’s Chaeyoung | @pinkot9/TwitterΒ 

Of course, TWICE immediately went to support Chaeyoung.

| @pinkot9/Twitter

And certainly, Dahyun and Chaeyoung both made their parents proud with their incredible performances at the concert.

You can read more about TWICE’s recent performances here.

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