TWICE’s Dahyun Shows Off Her Adorable Dog, Ari, And Has A Photoshoot With Him

Dahyun’s dog is so cute!

TWICE‘s Dahyun is a great dog mom!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Dahyun’s first solo photobook, “Yes, I Am Dahyun” will be released soon, and behind-the-scenes videos were posted on TWICE’s official YouTube channel ahead of the photobook’s release.

| TWICE/YouTube

During the “Yes, I Am Dahyun” photoshoot, Dahyun’s brother brought her Maltese dog, Ari, to the set.

Dahyun included Ari in the photoshoot. First, they posed together in a chair for a few casual photos.

Next, Dahyun and Ari posed together for elegant photos. Dahyun wore a fluffy white coat and accessorized with red ribbons in her hair. Ari wore a matching ribbon around his neck.

Dahyun explained that her look was designed to match Ari. She said, “Ari and I match! My hair is like Ari’s ears. And we’re both wearing red bows. And I’m wearing white fur to match Ari’s fur color.”

Like his mom, Ari was a total pro during the photoshoot! He even showed off his high-five trick.

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below!