TWICE’s Dahyun Wears The Most Revealing Outfit She’s Ever Worn And Gets Super Shy

This dress looks so good on her 😍

TWICE‘s Dahyun is breathtakingly gorgeous and super fashionable!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

Dahyun recently took photos for her first solo photobook, “Yes, I Am Dahyun.” Throughout her photoshoot, Dahyun wore tons of gorgeous outfits, and she rocked them all!


During the photoshoot, Dahyun wore a stunning black dress. The dress was nearly backless, apart from a few thin straps.

When she first came out in the dress, Dahyun said, “Get ready to get shocked.” The caption on the behind-the-scenes video said, “The most revealing outfit since my debut.”

Although the outfit was her most revealing yet, Dahyun was a total pro during her shoot and she looked completely confident.

However, once somebody called her, Dahyun rushed to change out of her sexy black dress. She suddenly turned shy and said, “I have to change before he gets here. I have to hurry.”

As it turned out, Dahyun’s brother was on the way to the shoot to bring her dog, Ari.

After Ari arrived, Dahyun posed for cute photos with her pooch.

Although she only posed in her black dress for a little while, Dahyun’s sexy, sophisticated look will live rent free in our minds forever!

Check out the full behind-the-scenes video below.