TWICE’s Dahyun Recently Grew Taller, But Her Members Couldn’t Believe It

Their reactions were priceless 😂

TWICE aren’t the same people they were when they made their debut in 2015, but for Dahyun, the change isn’t just internal! In an interview with online shopping platform Shopee, she announced that she grew taller.

One of the questions they were asked in the interview was how much they had grown since their debut, with the host mistakenly saying they debuted in 2016.

How much has TWICE grown since your debut in 2016?

— Host

Dahyun clarified that they actually debuted in 2015. She then answered the question literally, excitedly revealing she recently grew 3 cm taller.

We debuted in 2015 actually, and I grew 3 centimeters more.

— Dahyun

Chaeyoung, Nayeon, and Sana gasped in shock. They immediately asked, “You grew taller?

Although fans have known about this piece of information for a few months now, it was news to the girls. “Is this the first time you’re telling us this?

Dahyun clarified that it wasn’t the first time she talked about it.

It’s not the first time, but I really did grow.

— Dahyun

Hilariously, Nayeon and Sana were still in shock even after Dahyun explained it to them!

It wasn’t just the members who were in disbelief—Dahyun herself was surprised by it. Her height was 158.6 cm before, but after getting measured again, she officially became 161 cm.

Yes, I was surprised too. I got to measure my height recently. I was around 150 cm before, but the number in the center changed.

— Dahyun

Congratulations, Dahyun—even Chaeyoung is jealous!

Source: YouTube