It’s Official — Dahyun Is No Longer TWICE’s Shortest Member

She grew a lot!

TWICE‘s Dahyun just shared her excitement over her recent growth spurt!

Previously recorded at 158.6 cm in her profile, Dahyun was officially known as TWICE’s shortest member.

Though her small and cute height was well-known amongst fans, it might come as a shock to some.

Her slender body and model-like proportions give the illusion that she’s taller than she really is.

However, after getting measured again, her new height was recorded at 161 cm!

Having grown almost 3 full centimeters, Dahyun has passed some of the other members — if they haven’t grown, too!

Chaeyoung‘s height was previously recorded at 159 cm…

…and leader Jihyo‘s height states she is 160 cm on her profile.

Dahyun’s sudden growth spurt came as a shock to both her and ONCE. Only time will tell if she’ll continue to grow!