TWICE’s Dahyun Didn’t Let Safety Glass Block Her Love For ONCE At ISAC

She showered fans with fanservice to thank them for their support.

TWICE‘s Dahyun always goes above and beyond to let fans know how much she adores them.


On December 16, Dahyun was one of 202 idols (from 51 idol teams) to film for the 2020 Idol Star Athletic Championships. At ISAC, idols compete in 7 different athletic events: track, archery, wrestling, penalty shooting, pitching, eSports, and horseback riding.


Between events, Dahyun got up close and personal with ONCEs to thank them for coming out to support her. A barrier of safety glass separated Dahyun from her fans, but it couldn’t block her love for them. She went from side to side, expressing her gratitude.


Then, Dahyun went right up to the glas, and gifted ONCEs with her aegyo-tastic eye contact.


If there’s one moment that really got ONCE’s heart thumping though, it was when Dahyun joking tried to scale the safety glass.


Her shocked fans didn’t want Dahyun to hurt herself!


Glass or no glass, nobody does fanservice quite like Dahyun!