Here’s What It’s Like To Eat At The JYP Entertainment Cafeteria “JYP BOB”

Take the full tour with TWICE’s Dahyun!

In a recent vlog, TWICE‘s Dahyun brought fans on an exclusive tour of JYP Entertainment‘s cafeteria, “JYP BOB.” The name is a pun of the Korean phrase Jib Bab (집밥), or “home-cooked meal,” and offers a wide variety of healthy food.

Upon entering, Dahyun scanned her card in a machine that greeted her by name…

…and was immediately met with a sink to ensure the cafeteria stays sanitary.

After washing up, she made her way over to the “JYP BOB” sign where the food is located…

…and got herself a delicious meal with all of her favorite sides!

She decided to take her tray over to the window seats with a stunning view of the city.

You can even see the Jamsil Tower from there!

Lastly, it was time to show off her food…

…and chow down!

Source: Monotube/YouTube