TWICE’s Dahyun Performs All Out Despite Not Feeling Well, And Fans Are In Awe

She’s such a professional.

TWICE is halfway through with their current US tour, and they’re totally killing it. Even so, touring is hard on the body. At their stop in Fort Worth, Dahyun managed to perform even while not feeling well.

TWICE in Fort Worth | @JYPETWICE/Twitter

Dahyun is such a professional, that no one knew she was feeling sick until she said anything!

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

The concert was filled with great Dahyun moments. She looked incredible.

| SQ K-Pop/YouTube

She was feeling herself throughout the show.

So, when Dahyun started to cry while giving her speech to thank fans, they were confused.

The fans helped in the best way they could, by cheering for her and loudly chanting her name.

Of course the other TWICE members took time to comfort her.

It turns out, Dahyun had been feeling under the weather, but wanted to perform anyway. Nayeon explained that it’s difficult to be far away from home when you’re sick.

Dahyun did so well during the concert, that no one would have known she was sick if she hadn’t said anything!

Just look at her!

We hope that Dahyun feels better and that she, and the rest of TWICE can finish out their tour in top condition!


Source: YouTube