TWICE’s Dahyun May Have Just Accidentally Spoiled An Upcoming TWICE Song

Some fans think it might be a highly anticipated unit’s debut.

As K-Pop idols prepare their upcoming songs well before releasing them, there are many opportunities for bits of the song or choreography to be spoiled.

Often idols give fans spoilers intentionally, which fans usually miss because they aren’t expecting it. Still, sometimes songs are spoiled accidentally, like when idols hold live broadcasts for fans, and a snippet of a song is played. For instance, Somi accidentally spoiled a part of BLACKPINK‘s “Pink Venom.” And ASTRO‘s Moonbin and Weki Meki‘s Yoojung unintentionally spoiled ASTRO’s “After Midnight.”

In both instances, the idols reacted quickly, Somi quickly closed the door and left the area the song was playing, and Moonbin rushed to turn off the song while Yoojung screamed louder than the audio.

Recently TWICE‘s Dahyun went live for fans and seemingly spoiled an upcoming release. Dahyun has never shied away from giving fans spoilers, like when she directly spoiled TWICE’s “Alcohol-Free” two weeks before its release.

The TWICE members were shocked by Dahyun’s accidental spoiler 

Or when she also directly spoiled “Talk that Talk” on her birthday live by tricking fans.

TWICE’s Dahyun | TWICE/YouTube 

But now, in a recent live broadcast, Dahyun seems to have accidentally spoiled a release. Although not much of the song can be heard, with Dahyun talking over it and Tzuyu and Jihyo joining in to prevent fans from hearing it, fans are excited about a new TWICE song.

From the clip, many fans suspect that it is a new English song.

Although others suggest it could be a new Japanese song.

Some fans even suspect it’s the highly anticipated Mina, Sana, and Momo collaboration since they’re possibly hearing Sana and Momo sing.

But if one thing is for sure, it’s that fans love Dahyun and her adorable reactions.

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