Here’s The Real Story Behind TWICE Dahyun’s Iconic “Sixth Sense” Camera Moment At The 2018 MAMA

The “eye contact” master has a foolproof technique!

Throughout the years, many idols have shared the struggles of appearing on music shows. There is a lot to remember, from ensuring that you’re in the right place at the right time to knowing how to greet fans during the interviews.

In particular, many idols have struggled with keeping up with the huge number of cameras used and ensuring you make eye contact with them. However, it seems as if some people are just naturals, and TWICE‘s Dahyun is one of them. 

TWICE’s Dahyun | @twicetagram/ Instagram

After the release of their latest track, “SCIENTIST,” the members of TWICE sat down with 1theK Originals and their series IDDP. During the video, each of the members had a look at their profiles. They also looked at what fans have been saying on the internet!

When it came to Dahyun, it seemed as if there was so much praise for her from fans worldwide. From her stunning visuals, proportions, and features, and the members as expected couldn’t deny that Dahyun is gorgeous.

In particular, they showed one clip from the Mnet Asian Music Awards (MAMA) where the camera was panning across the members, and Dahyun made eye contact with them perfectly, showcasing her dazzling visuals and charisma.

When speaking about the iconic clip, Nayeon explained that normally you don’t always film performances once, and the cameras change position each time.

Because of this, it will no doubt be difficult to keep up with them when it comes to their time in the spotlight, never mind just casually passing as with Dahyun.

It was no surprise then that Tzuyu wanted to know exactly how Dahyun was able to catch the camera at that exact moment.

With a request for some TMI, Dahyun explained that it all came from following the small red light on the camera. It isn’t a new concept, and many idols have spoken about this infamous red light that they see during performances.

I watched the red light. Swoosh, swoosh, it changed like that. So, I just went like this… I just remember doing my best.

— Dahyun

Yet, the MAMAs weren’t the only time Dahyun has showcased that she almost has a sixth sense for where the cameras are going to be. Since debuting, fans have shared images and videos of Dahyun knowing exactly where to look at the right time!

As expected, Dahyun continues to prove that she is a true professional, and many idols will definitely be taking on her advice to make sure they have perfect eye contact with cameras. You can watch the full video below.

Source: 1theK Originals