TWICE Dominate LINE MUSIC’s Charts With Their New Japanese Single “Fanfare”

The powerhouse group has completely taken over LINE’s charts!

While TWICE have just recently wrapped up promotions for their highly successful MORE & MORE comeback, the powerhouse group isn’t slowing down one bit as their latest Japanese track has taken over LINE MUSIC‘s charts!

Ahead of the release of their 6th Japanese single Fanfare, TWICE dropped the MV and audio for the new song “Fanfare” on June 19 as part of the promotional campaign before the rest of the single album releases.

As soon as the song dropped, it shot to the top of Line Music’s Top 100 realtime chart and continued to hold onto that position. In addition to sweeping the realtime chart, “Fanfare” also snagged the top spot on Line Music’s Top 100 Daily chart!

Line Music’s Top 100 realtime chart. Screenshot courtesy of @misayeon/Twitter

Besides dominating the charts, “Fanfare” also led the realtime trends on Japan’s Yahoo portal and ranked no. 4 on realtime Twitter as well!

TWICE truly are queens! Check out their bright and energetic song and MV for yourself below:

Source: Line Music and Star Today