TWICE Donates Signed T-Shirt To Charity That Benefits Low-Income Children

They’ve supported this charity since 2017.

TWICE, along with several other idols and groups, have donated to the 2019 WeAJa Charity Flea Market. The group, who have previously appeared on JTBC‘s Idol Room, signed an official Idol Room t-shirt, which was their donated item.

WeAJa Charity Flea Market, which started in 2005, is an annual event that auctions donated goods and uses the proceeds toward charity. TWICE has been patrons of this charity event since 2017, making sure to donate an item every year since then.

“WeAJa” is a portmanteau of words that stands for “We start” (starting campaigns designed to support children under the age of 12 from low-income families), “Beautiful Store Foundation” (a social enterprise that raises funds from upcycling items to provide support to underprivileged communities), and “volunteering” (making society a brighter place to live in).


Online auctions will be held from October 8 through November 30. A list of the donated items can be found on Weaja’s official website.

Source: Naver