TWICE Reveals What They Eat In a Day, And It Might Surprise You

Can you relate to them?

K-Pop idols are notoriously known for undergoing extreme diets to maintain their figure, but top girl group TWICE doesn’t let that stop them from eating whatever they want from wherever they want!

In a recent interview with WIRED, TWICE answered some of the internet’s burning questions about themselves, one of which was regarding the food that they eat every day. “What does TWICE eat in a day?

Maknae Tzuyu revealed that they typically order a lot of take-out. “We order take-out a lot.”

Momo agreed, adding, “Yeah, we order a variety of food that we share together.

To further explain, Jeongyeon had the bright idea to let fans know what they had eaten that day. Because it was still morning at the time they were filming, however, Jihyo decided to just discuss what they ate the previous day.

It’s still morning, so we haven’t eaten that much. Let’s talk about what we ate yesterday.

— TWICE’s Jihyo

The girls prompted Momo to start, and she shared that she had eaten all kinds of food, including Korean rice cakes.

Yesterday, I ate…rice cakes. Rice cakes and japchae (Korean stir-fried glass noodles) and stir-fried potatoes. Things like that.

— TWICE’s Momo

Nayeon, on the other hand, said that they drink a lot of coffee whenever they have schedules. “And when we have plans, we always have coffee.” Pointing her finger, she revealed that Chaeyoung loves drinking Americanos. “She has an Americano.

Chaeyoung excitedly raised her hand and passionately shared how much they all love coffee. “Even if we don’t have meals, we always drink coffee.

Learn more facts about TWICE in the full video below!

Source: WIRED