TWICE Fans Disappointed In Design And Selection Of 5th World Tour ‘Ready To Be’ Merch In Australia

There are barely any lines to buy the merch.

ONCEs (TWICE fans) are disappointed over the group’s official tour merchandise.

TWICE are currently on their 5th World Tour, ‘Ready To Be’ and are preparing to perform in Australia.

ONCEs have been anticipating the merchandise reveal.

Finally, a couple of days before their show in Sydney, Live Nation revealed merch information via social media. This includes photos of the merch, prices, location, dates, and times.

The merchandise for Australia includes a couple of crop tees, a tour T-Shirt, two hoodies, two hats, a tote bag, a water bottle, and a pouch. Live Nation advised ONCEs to line up early as the merchandise is limited and will likely sell out.

| Live Nation AU

ONCEs were disappointed by the merchandise design and selection. They compared it to knockoff merch one would find from AliExpress, RedBubble, etc.

Most of all, ONCEs are shocked that TWICE’s official lightstick is not being sold on-site either. Many K-Pop fans look forward to buying one for concerts.

Contrary to Live Nation’s expectations, very few people lined up for merchandise today. There was no crowd at all at the merch marquee.

Similarly, ARMYs have expressed disappointment over the design and quality of merchandise for BTS Suga‘s SUGA | Agust D “D-DAY” TOUR IN U.S. It appears that Live Nation’s merchandise design team is again responsible for these two international tours rather than the artists’ companies. Read more below.

ARMYs Call Out BTS Suga’s Merchandise Designer For “Incomplete” Agust D Tour Shirts

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