TWICE Fans Demand Sana To Never Date After The Recent Dating News Of Jihyo And Momo

They claimed Sana shouldn’t date for the fans.

Fans of TWICE were in for a surprising day yesterday when both Jihyo and Momo were caught up in dating rumors. JYP confirmed that Jihyo was in fact dating Kang Daniel, but denied rumors that Momo was dating Super Junior‘s Kim Heechul.


As two members were caught up in dating news, DC TWICE Gallery (a popular forum for TWICE fans) created posts about how Sana should not date.


They created posts that demanded that she never date for the fans.


These posts quickly caught backlash as netizens and true ONCEs criticized these fans for trying to control her personal life. They claimed she should be able to date if she wants to and the fans should leave her private life private.


Whether Sana is dating or decides to date later on, it should be her choice and fans should celebrate her happiness!

Source: Segye