TWICE Pick Their Favorite “Alcohol-Free” Point Choreography—Here’s What Each Member Chose

Most members had different answers.

Usually, K-Pop groups can clearly identify the point choreography in their songs. TWICE, however, had a tough time picking one for “Alcohol-Free.”

Recently, TWICE released behind the scenes footage from the making of the “Alcohol-Free” music video.

They were asked to name the point choreography of the song, but surprisingly, most members gave different answers! With the exception of Mina, who wasn’t in the interview, check out what they chose below.

1. Nayeon

First up was Nayeon, and she picked the choreography during Tzuyu‘s part where they move their arms inward.

2. Chaeyoung

Chaeyoung, on the other hand, chose the dance where Momo mentions various drinks.

3. Dahyun and Momo

Both Dahyun and Momo picked the choreography at the start of the chorus. Dahyun added, “I love the beginning of the verse.

4. Tzuyu and Jihyo

Next, Tzuyu and Jihyo chose the cocktail dance because of its originality.

I thought it was pretty original. It matches the lyrics.

— Tzuyu

5. Jeongyeon and Sana

Last but not the least, Jeongyeon and Sana picked the crab dance. At first, Sana singled out the part where she mimics a cocktail table, but when she saw Jeongyeon, she immediately changed her mind.

Seeing how many point choreographies the girls think there are in “Alcohol-Free,” it just goes to show that it’s a must-see!

Watch the full behind the scenes video below.

Source: TWICE


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