TWICE Featured In Maroon 5’s “Girls Like You” Project

They are part of an inspiring female message.

Maroon 5‘s latest song “Girls Like You” has been highly praised for featuring a number of powerful women in its music video. While the song already has a powerful message, the group also started the #GIRLSLIKEYOUPROJECT which aims to further empower women all over the world.

The project allows anyone to either take their picture or upload one to the site in a type of collage. Each post can have an inspiring message or simple caption added to it.


But every K-Pop stan knows that our idols are some of the most empowering people out there and so it should come as no surprise that TWICE became featured on the project’s main page!


It all started with a single post. Someone visiting the site noticed one of the pictures bore a striking resemblance to Chaeyoung and then found out it really was her!

Chaeyoung appears in the left picture!
The actual picture of Chaeyoung that was uploaded to the site.


Since the fan noticed Chaeyoung was being featured they decided to tweet out the exciting news. Soon the other members were added to the project page.


The site was flooded with pictures of each member and soon the girls were dominating the page!


The captions ranged from simply naming the members to more inspiring messages like, “be yourself, love yourself.”


For a long time, the girls were the only ones being featured and the effect was both beautiful and inspiring!

But new photos are still being uploaded, so the girls are still bringing their unique beauty to the page!


Seeing TWICE featured on such a huge project is a pretty big deal and may inspire many more girls in the world.

Source: @SubjectKpop and GirlsLikeYou