TWICE Spotted Rooting For Former Wonder Girls Member Hyelim At Her Wedding

TWICE didn’t let their busy schedule stop them from supporting their JYP “sunbae.”

Former Wonder Girls member, Hyelim recently got married to athlete, Shin Min Chul in a private ceremony with just close friends and family.




But among those close friends and family was fellow JYP idols, TWICE!

Some of the group photos taken at the wedding spread in online communities, and as a result, the word got out that the very popular JYP hoobaes made time in their busy schedules to root for Hyelim and her marriage.


In the photos, TWICE’s Tzuyu, Sana, Jihyo, Dahyun, and Mina can be seen standing side by side near the bride and groom.

And right above them are formal Wonder Girls members, Sohee and HA:TFELT, as well as former JYP singer, Jamie.

Despite TWICE being in the middle of their busy activities, they proved that they would never let that get in the way of their supporting a close “sunbae” on her big day.

Hyelim began dating the Taekwondo athlete back in 2013 and dated for 7 years before tying the knot.

Congratulations to the happy couple!

Source: Dispatch