[★TRENDING] TWICE Harassed By Over-Eager Fans At Vietnam Airport

TWICE arrived in Da Nang International Airport and were met by a crowd of very excited fans.

The members flew to Vietnam to film JTBC’s travel show Carefree Travelers.

But when they arrived at the airport, the group was swarmed by overzealous fans.

Photo: @twicesmic

Some fans even went as far as grabbing the members’ hands and wrists to get their attention. 


When the girls left the airport, they were followed all the way to their bus outside.

When TWICE was first revealed to be headed to Vietnam to film, there were concerns that the lack of security and prevalence of overzealous fans could put the girls in danger. 

Unfortunately, there was not enough security at the airport upon TWICE’s arrival and chaos broke out.

There were Vietnamese ONCEs who were very peaceful and respectful when greeting TWICE at the airport.

Photo: @TWICE_VN


And several fans even helped protect the members from the pushing and shoving.

Both Korean and international fans have condemned the actions of everyone who was violating the members’ personal space. 

Photo: twicesmic

However, the members stayed cheerful throughout the ordeal and were eventually able to reach their bus. 

Photo: @chambihihi

Unfortunately, only eight of the members could attend the schedule, with Dahyun at home resting from her recent ankle injury.

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