TWICE Reaches Indonesian ONCEs in an Unexpected Way

Indonesian ONCEs, get ready!

To the delight of Indonesian ONCEs, TWICE is showing up in the country…well their movie is!

That’s right, TWICELAND: TWICE Movie will be specially screened in Indonesian cinemas from January 17-20!

No doubt Indonesian ONCEs are excited to see TWICE on the big screen, as the group has performed in the country only sparingly – making it hard for Indonesian ONCEs to easily see the group.

But now’s their chance to see TWICE up close and personal!

The theater chain that will be hosting the screenings across Indonesia is Cinemaxx Theaters, and their official Twitter has provided a link for pre-ordering tickets.

Reactions from Indonesian ONCEs have been ecstatic, who are doing their best to get tickets as quickly as possible.

Some of our favorite tweets include:

  • “Who wants to be friends and watch it together with me?”
  • “Is there anyone going in the Karawaci area?”

So, Indonesian ONCEs, get your tickets before it’s too late!