Members of TWICE Talk About The Inspirations Behind The Songs They Wrote For Their Album “Eyes Wide Open”

There are a couple songs for you ONCEs

TWICE recently made their long awaited comeback with their second studio album Eyes Wide Open. Members Nayeon, Sana, Dahyun, Jihyo and Chaeyoung sat down for their official YouTube channel to talk about their album. It was revealed that these 5 members wrote some of the songs on the album and they wanted to share their inspirations behind the lyrics.

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Leader Jihyo talks about her track first, which happens to be third on the track list for the album. Her song “Up No More” is based on her personal experience with insomnia.

It was during a time when I was suffering deeply from insomnia. I had a really hard time with it so I thought to myself that if people can relate to the song, it’d be nice.

— Jihyo

Member Sana’s track, “Do What We Like” is number 4 on the album and she talks about her experience writing a song by herself and her thought process.

When I heard the demo for the first time, all I could think about was the depths of the ocean. But after hearing it all put together, my mind changed because the ambience of the song changed.

— Sana

Dahyun was next and it was revealed that she wrote not only one but two songs for their album. “Bring It Back”  is up first and Dahyun reveals why she had to change the lyrics.

When I originally wrote this song, it was meant to be a song for the fans. However, they asked me to write something more forward to match the melody so I changed it completely to what it is now.

— Dahyun

When talking about her next song “Queen”, Dahyun talks about the meaning behind the title and the confusion around it.

The title is not called “Queen” because of my nickname Queen Dahyun which derives from my full name Kim Dahyun. That’s just all a coincidence. However, this song is for our fans whenever they need an extra pick me up or encouragement in their lives.

— Dahyun

Next up is Chaeyoung who wrote “Handle It” which she reveals was originally for their “More & More” extended play.

I originally wrote this for “More & More” but it felt a little too emotional at the time. It didn’t fit. I felt like it might have been too much for the listeners so after consulting with others, I decided to save it for this album.

— Chaeyoung

Last is Nayeon who wrote the lyrics for their song “Depend On You” where she reveals that this song is inspired by and is dedicated to ONCEs.

This song is completely inspired by our fans. I got the inspiration after chatting with them. They all have a lot of worries but they find strength in our songs. I wrote this as a letter to them and how we view them as our fans.

— Nayeon

Watch the girls of TWICE talk more about the songs on their new album Eyes Wide Open below!

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