TWICE, ITZY & DAY6 To Join Artist-Fan Private Messaging Service “Dear U Bubble”

From pricing to messaging limits, here’s everything you need to know.

Want to chat with your favorite members directly but can’t afford a fansign? You’re in luck—TWICE, ITZY, and DAY6 are the latest JYP Entertainment groups joining private messaging service Dear U Bubble.

Dear U Bubble is a private messaging service where idols can send fans messages and see their responses. Originally an SM Entertainment artist service launched through the LYSN app, Dear U Bubble has since branched out to include FNC Entertainment, Jellyfish Entertainment, and now, JYP Entertainment.

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Last month, JYP Entertainment launched its own dedicated iPhone and Android app for Dear U Bubble: bubble for JYPnation. At the end of November, the company added its first two artists to the roster: Stray Kids and 2PM.

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Now, three more are joining the mix: TWICE, ITZY, and DAY6!

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Through Dear U Bubble, artists can send fans messages, photos, videos, and audio clips. Contrary to some fans’ misconceptions, the messages aren’t automated by JYP Entertainment—everything you receive is sent directly from the idols themselves. Of course, the catch is that all subscribers receive the same messages, though idols can personalize them to include fans’ screen names.

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According to many fans, the best part of Dear U Bubble is being able to send replies back to the idols. For each message an artist sends, fans can send up to three replies (text or “stickers” only) with a limit of 30 characters. This character limit increases (up to 200 characters) as you reach various subscription anniversaries.

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Idols see every reply from fans laid out as if they’re in a group chat. Note that even if you can’t afford the Dear U Bubble service, you can still send messages to your favorite TWICE, ITZY, and DAY6 members on Twitter. Idols have a special feature that allows them to view Twitter responses in the Bubble app—you just need to use the artist’s designated Korean hashtag (for example, #방찬버블 for Stray Kids’s Bang Chan).

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Dear U Bubble is a monthly subscription based on “tickets”. Access to each idol’s Bubble costs one ticket per month, and packages are available for multiple tickets. If you purchase multiple tickets for your favorite, you can mix and match between members as you please (though this will reset your subscription anniversaries). The pricing is as follows:

  • 1 member ticket = $3.49 USD per month
  • 2 member tickets = $6.49 USD per month (discounted from $7.49 USD)
  • 3 member tickets = $9.49 USD per month (from $10.99 USD)
  • 4 member tickets = $12.49 USD per month (from $14.99 USD)
  • 5 member tickets = $15.49 USD per month (from $18.49 USD)
  • 6 member tickets = $17.99 USD per month (from $22.49 USD)
  • 7 member tickets = $20.49 USD per month (from $25.49 USD)
  • 8 member tickets = $23.99 USD per month (from $29.99 USD)
  • 9 member tickets = $27.49 USD per month (from $32.99 USD)

Fans living outside the United States may be charged the non-discounted prices.

Red Velvet’s Joy shared what “Dear.U Bubble” replies look like on her version of the app. | @RVKimBae/Twitter

TWICE, ITZY, and DAY6 will all begin using Dear U Bubble on December 28, 2020. For some fans, the pricing feels steep—especially for those who want to chat with an entire group. The full group price for TWICE will be $27.49 USD per month, while the full price for ITZY or DAY6 will be $15.49 USD per month.

However, others say being able to communicate directly with artists is certainly worth the money—as long as your favorite idols are active.

Meanwhile, fans of other JYP Entertainment acts are hoping to see them join Dear U Bubble in the future too. It’s possible that GOT7‘s addition to the service is currently on hold while the members are in contract negotiations.

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Source: TWICE (Twitter), ITZY (Twitter) and DAY6 (Twitter)