TWICE Jeongyeon’s Latest Vlog Has ONCEs Ready For Her To Debut As An Actress

We’d love to see Jeongyeon in a K-Drama!

Looks like TWICE‘s Jeongyeon may share her sister, Gong Seung Yeon‘s, acting skills!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

On April 5, Jeongyeon released her TW-LOG vlog from the US leg of TWICE’s III tour. In the vlog, she gave fans a glimpse at her life on the road, and she showed fans what TWICE does backstage and how she takes care of her skin on the road.

| TWICE/YouTube

While getting ready backstage, Jeongyeon suddenly launched into a skit with Jihyo. They played 2 characters who were falling for each other. Jihyo’s character told Jeongyeon’s character not to fall in love with her, and Jeongyeon’s character had a dramatic outburst after Jihyo’s character’s statement.

Jihyo: Don’t fall in love with me.

Jeongyeon: What’s that supposed to mean?

Jihyo: Don’t fall in love with me, I said!

Jeongyeon: How do I do that?!

The skit made the other members laugh incredibly hard! They demanded an encore performance, and Jeongyeon and Jihyo performed the skit again.

Although the skit was hilarious, ONCEs couldn’t help but notice that Jeongyeon gave off an actress vibe during the skit. Many fans tweeted that they were ready to see Jeongyeon make her debut as an actress after watching her act in the impromptu skit with Jihyo.

Check out the full TW-LOG below!