TWICE’s Jeongyeon And Gong Seung Yeon Help Animal Shelter That Burned Down

The sisters reached out to help the animal shelter.

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon and actress Gong Seung Yeon were well known to frequent the animal shelter located in Ansung, which recently caught fire. The incident caused over 260 deaths of dogs and cats.

Animal Shelter Where TWICE Volunteered Burns Down In Flames, Killing 260 Pets


Since the fire, multiple Korean netizens claimed that the two sisters visited the animal shelter to volunteer their time and resources in caring for the injured animals.

Post on a Korean community forum.


It appeared that the rumors were true as Gong Seung Yeon uploaded photos of herself walking a rescue dog that survived the fire.


The posts were in partnership with the Ansung Animal Care.


Gong Seung Yeon also uploaded posts, requesting donations for the animal shelter. She listed the bank accounts for wired donations, as well as a list of items the shelter needed to care for the surviving animals.


In mourning of the many furry friends she had to bid farewell to this weekend, Gong Seung Yeon uploaded photos of herself and the angels.

“These are the babies from #PyeonggangGongjuAnimalShelter that I really miss but will never meet again.
Most of the animals you see in these photos have become stars or have yet to be identified of their living status. –

The shelter will have to care for the injured babies, and the remaining 300 animals need to be saved.

The little food they had were all burnt, so they need to buy more. They also need to replenish the the burnt medicine for dogs and cats.

Please lend a hand to the #AnsungAnimalCare.”

— Gong Seung Yeon