TWICE’s Jeongyeon Shares Message With Fans Following News Of Her Hiatus

It was recently announced that Jeongyeon will be taking a break from TWICE activities.

Following the announcement that TWICE‘s Jeongyeon will be taking a second hiatus due to her mental health situation, the star has shared a message with ONCEs.

Earlier today, JYP Entertainment revealed that Jeongyeon will be taking a break from activities for an undetermined period of time. “Jeongyeon is currently experiencing panic and psychological anxiety,” stated the announcement, going on to say that Jeongyeon will go on hiatus starting immediately while she rests and recovers. According to the company, Jeongyeon’s opinion, professional medical advice, internal company discussions, and the TWICE members’ feelings were all taken into account.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | JYP Entertainment

After the news broke, fans poured out messages of support and concern via social media, wishing the star a good recovery and hoping she’s doing reasonably well. Now, Jeongyeon has taken to TWICE’s Bubble messaging app to share some reassuring and heartfelt words with ONCEs.

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After apologizing to fans, Jeongyeon assured everyone that she’ll be returning to TWICE after resting and recovering well, adding that she’ll also communicate with ONCEs often through Bubble. At the end of her message, Jeongyeon asked fans, “Please wait for me.”

I’m sorry ONCEs. I will rest well and return when I’m healthier and better. I will use Bubble often. Please wait for me.

­— Jeongyeon via Bubble

ONCEs were touched by Jeongyeon’s care and dedication to fans, sharing even more messages praising and supporting her during this difficult time.

Sadly, this is Jeongyeon’s second hiatus within the past year. Back in October last year, it was announced that she would be unable to participate in promotions for Eyes Wide Open due to “psychological anxiousness.” Jeongyeon remained on hiatus until January this year when she joined her fellow TWICE members to perform “I Can’t Stop Me” as OT9 for the first time at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

Jeongyeon with TWICE at the 30th Seoul Music Awards.

Fans hope it won’t be long until Jeongyeon feels happy and healthy again and ready to make her return, but they’re vowing to wait for her as long as it takes. Read on to see JYP Entertainment’s full statement and learn more about her mental and physical health situation.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon To Take A Hiatus From Activities Due To Anxiety & Panic