TWICE’s Jeongyeon Reveals Whether She Likes Short Hair Or Long Hair More

She looks stunning in both styles but prefers one.

Of the many hair colors and styles TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has tried over the years, one of her most iconic looks is her short hair.

Jeongyeon | JYPnation/Naver

Though Jeongyeon is a goddess whether she’s wearing her hair short or flowing over her shoulders, she recently revealed which length she preferred.

During her ESQUIRE Korea interview, the magazine asked the ultimate question of “short hair vs. long hair.” Jeongyeon admitted it was a “tough” choice to make.

In the end, Jeongyeon chose the length of the lovely blonde hairstyle she wore. Jeongyeon said, “I will go with short hair.” There was a particular reason for the choice.

It came down to what made her feel most confident. Jeongyeon explained, “I think I look better with short hair.

While Jeongyeon’s long hair has ONCEs missing it when it’s gone, her short hair has a charm that can’t be topped. See Jeongyeon choose between them.


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