TWICE Jeongyeon’s Recent Outfit During The Group’s Shows In Mexico Is A Hot Topic Online

Many think any criticism of the stunning look stems from “Korean standards of beauty.”

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has become a hot topic online for an outfit during the group’s recent shows.

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @jy_piece/Instagram

TWICE have recently performed in front of huge crowds in Mexico as part of their fifth world tour. As expected, Jeongyeon captured the hearts of ONCEs watching in the stadium and those living through clips on social media.

In particular, while Jeongyeon unsurprisingly slayed throughout the shows, one outfit caught the attention of fans. During one part of the concert, the members came out in bright red looks. Jeongyeon looked absolutely beautiful in a ruffled corset top paired with black shorts.

| @JoeMGonzalez/Twitter
| @suntamine/Twitter

When one fan shared how they were mad at the stylists for the look, claiming it didn’t “flatter” Jeongyeon, it was met with very different reactions.

Yet, that one fan seemingly shared their view of this online, other fans couldn’t disagree more. On social media, netizens were rightly loving the bold and beautiful outfit on Jeongyeon, particularly praising the balance of colors, textures, and addition of accessories.

Other fans hit back at fans continuing the discussion on Jeongyeon’s outfits, claiming that they fit her perfectly, but it’s showing the prejudice the idol has faced and continues to face. Many even pointed out that no matter what Jeongyeon wears, there are always unnecessary comments about it doesn’t fit her figure.

In particular, some netizens shared photos of outfits they love on Jeongyeon, claiming that most of her recent looks are beautiful and perfectly complement her beauty.

Other fans also pointed out that by making a huge deal out of Jeongyeon’s outfits, they are taking away from the idol’s amazing stage presence when she’s performing. In particular, since debuting, she has always had this natural charisma on stage that makes netizens fall in love more and more.

Jeongyeon is not only one of the most beautiful and talented idols, but she has a pure personality that makes her even more loved by netizens. For many, the red outfit truly made Jeongyeon stand out and complimented her visuals, making it many fans’ favorite look of the tour.