TWICE’s Jeongyeon Posts A Reassuring Message For Their Fifth Anniversary

Get well soon Jeongyeon!

With TWICE set to make a comeback in just over a week on October 26, JYP Entertainment announced some unfortunate news to the fans.

Jeongyeon, who is suffering from “psychological anxiousness” will not be promoting for their new album Eyes Wide Open. After much discussion with both Jeongyeon and the rest of the members, they came to the conclusion that she would need professional help as well as adequate rest.

With it being TWICE’s fifth debut anniversary (October 20, 2015), Jeongyeon left a reassuring message through Instagram for the fans.

Hello this is Jeongyeon. Today is the fifth anniversary for TWICE. I was able to have five years of happiness all thanks to ONCE. Thank you. I will recover quickly and return in good shape! Thank you for being with us these past five years!

⁠— Jeongyeon

Fans were happy to hear from Jeongyeon and hoped that she would take as much time as she needed in order to recover fully.

Stay tuned for TWICE’s release of their second full studio album Eyes Wide Open on October 26!