TWICE’s Jeongyeon Had A Smart Way Of Finding Money As A Child, And It Shows Just How Resourceful She Was

She used it to buy snacks!

The nine members of JYP Entertainment girl group TWICE recently guested on YouTube show Snacked where they each showed off their favorite childhood snacks and listed what’s so great about them.

When it was Jeongyeon‘s turn, she shared an interesting story about her snack that dates back to her childhood. What she did back then proves that she was resourceful even as a kid!

Jeongyeon | @jy_piece/Instagram
Childhood photo of Jeongyeon

Holding a pack of V-CORN, the “Talk That Talk” singer explained that she likes it because of its addictive taste.

The corn flavor isn’t that strong. There’s a little bit of corn flavor, and the sweetness covers my tongue. It’s addictive.

— Jeongyeon

V-CORN | Gmarket

Thinking back to when she used to eat it as a child, she noticed that the packaging is much bigger now. It used to be smaller, and it only cost a few cents. Jihyo thought it was expensive, but unbeknownst to her, Jeongyeon had a trick up her sleeve that helped her purchase it!

  • Jeongyeon: When I was young, I didn’t eat this big size. It was much smaller and only cost about 25 cents.
  • Jihyo: It must have been expensive if it was 25 cents when we were young.

According to Jeongyeon, she didn’t need to ask for money from her parents to be able to purchase a pack of V-CORN. She learned on her own that there were coins on the playground, specifically under the jungle gym.

Jungle gym | Yongsan International School of Seoul

In the jungle gym or monkey bars, many kids hang upside down, causing loose change to fall on the ground. She would look out for some change and take them whenever they appeared.

  • Jeongyeon: [When I was a kid], there were lots of coins under the ladder [on the playground].
  • Jihyo: Like under the jungle gym?
  • Jeongyeon: Yes! I used to find coins there and buy a lot of snacks like this.

Hearing that, Nayeon joked that she “didn’t go that far,” but she may agree that Jeongyeon’s smart thinking as a child is impressive!

Meanwhile, watch the full episode below.

Source: YouTube


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