TWICE’s Jeongyeon Starts Instagram Account To Help A Puppy Find A New Family

She’s so sweet 🥺

TWICE‘s Jeongyeon has a heart of gold!

TWICE’s Jeongyeon | @twicetagram/Instagram

While none of the TWICE members have their own official Instagram accounts, Jeongyeon opened an account for a puppy named Yuki to help him find his forever home with a new family.

Yuki | @yuki_2021222/Instagram

A week ago, Jeongyeon introduced Yuki to the world with an adorable photo and sweet caption. She and her sister, actress Gong Seung Yeon, are taking care of Yuki temporarily until he is adopted.

Hi, I’m Yuki. I’m about three months old. They used to call me Yonggi (courage) when I was staying at the shelter. But Jeongyeon noona gave me my new name, Yuki. I come from the Ansung Pyeonggang Gongju Shelter, but I’m at Jeongyeon noona’s house as a foster now. I came to the shelter with an existing skin condition. But I’ve been taking medication as well as medicated baths and I’m getting better. Thanks for checking me out! ^^❤️
#AnsungPyeonggangGongjuShelter #Yuki #Yonggi

—Jeongyeon via @yuki_2021222 on Instagram

She also put information about Yuki in the account’s bio and added a link to his adoption page.

Looking for Yuki’s forever home.
If you would like to adopt, please click the link below and sign up to become a registered user.
Adoption link 👇

—Jeongyeon via @yuki_2021222 on Instagram

Although the account is fairly new, Jeongyeon has already given people plenty of glimpses into Yuki’s life with her as his foster mom. She showed what he looked like when she took him into her care.

Thanks to the medicated baths Jeongyeon has been giving Yuki, he’s looking much better these days!

This video shows just how well Jeongyeon is caring for the adorable puppy.

From the looks of it, Yuki is having tons of fun with Jeongyeon! Yuki is also enjoying spending time with Jeongyeon’s dog, Peanut, too.

We’re so thankful that Jeongyeon is doing her best to help Yuki find his forever home, and we hope he finds a family who will love him as much as Jeongyeon does soon!