TWICE’s Jeongyeon Bursts Into Tears After Reading Nayeon’s Handwritten Letter

It was a touching moment.

Recently, TWICE‘s Nayeon was revealed to be Jeongyeon‘s Secret Friend. Nayeon thoughtfully gifted her a pair of glasses and a handwritten letter, which was placed on the ground.

The moment Jeongyeon noticed the letter, she picked it up and was about to read it when Nayeon hurriedly requested that she read it later that night instead.

Don’t read the letter yet. Not yet. Read it at night.

— Nayeon 

The other members then started opening their own gifts. Later, out of the corner of her eye, Nayeon noticed that Jeongyeon had silently burst into tears while reading the letter. She stood up in surprise and asked why she was reading it.

Why are you reading the letter already? Are you really crying?

— Nayeon

As Jeongyeon covered her eyes, she couldn’t stop the tears from flowing down her face.

Nayeon laughingly scolded her for reading it already. “I told you not to read it now!

It wasn’t long, however, until Nayeon herself burst into tears.

The love and care that they have for each other is clear as day!

Whatever the contents of the letter may be, it’s surely one that Jeongyeon will keep in her heart forever.

Watch the touching moment in the full video below.

Source: TWICE