TWICE’s Jeongyeon Made A Hilarious Exit At The 2019 Asia Artist Awards

She peaced out without hesitation.

Have you ever wanted to just be doneTWICE‘s Jeongyeon can relate!


On November 26, TWICE attended the 2019 Asia Artist Awards in Vietnam. Before the ceremony, the members strolled up the red carpet’s stage for a photo op.


TWICE smiled and waved to the cameras…


…until Jeongyeon suddenly peaced out!


Her members tried to call her back, but nope. Jeongyeon was done!


Laughing, the rest of the members followed her lead and made their exit.


This hilarious moment is bound to be one of the red carpet’s most memorable…


…and there’s more to it than meets the eye. Fancams revealed that Jeongyeon was trying to take cues from a staff member, but everyone ended up getting a little confused!