Kim Sejeong Had The Most Creative Suggestion For TWICE Jihyo’s Instagram

They could have had matching Instagrams!

Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) and TWICE‘s Jihyo once again proved their absolutely adorable friendship with their recent Jeju vacation vlog.

Kim Sejeong and TWICE’s Jihyo | @clean_0828/Instagram
| @clean_0828/Instagram

The two seemed to have perfect synergy in everything from teasing a cafe owner to dancing to music. They focused on documenting their trip for fans with their vlog and adorable pictures for their social media.

| @clean_0828/Instagram

While talking about what Jihyo was going to name this series of vlogs…

Kim Sejeong: What’s your channel?

Jihyo: I haven’t decided.

Kim Sejeong: What should we call Jihyo’s vlog?

| TWICE/YouTube 

Jihyo reveals that Kim Sejeong actually gave her a very clever recommendation for her newly created Instagram account, intending it to match her own.

Jihyo: It’s so funny. I asked Sejeong to recommend my Instagram ID. Her ID is [@clean_0828]. And she said… What did you say?

Kim Sejeong: “Give me.”

| TWICE/YouTube 

Using a pun with Jihyo’s name (which sounds like “give me” in Korean), Kim Sejeong suggested a matching Instagram username for her friend.

Jihyo: [@giveme_0201] was her recommendation.

| TWICE/YouTube 

Kim Sejeong doesn’t let the pun go. Even though Jihyo’s Instagram username is @_zyozyo, she suggests that it’s what they should still use the pun for the vlog.

Kim Sejeong: How about “give me trip?” “Give me log?”

| TWICE/YouTube 

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