Even TWICE’s Jihyo Was Caught Off Guard By How Extroverted Kim Sejeong Is—Here’s Why

Do your extroverted friends do the same thing?

TWICE‘s Jihyo and singer-actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) may both have the letter “P” in their MBTI, but they’re still very different people! The girl group leader is an introvert, while the Business Proposal actress is an extrovert.

TWICE’s Jihyo (left) and Kim Sejeong (right) | @clean_0828/Instagram

Jihyo clearly noticed the difference in their personalities in a recent vlog where they spent several fun days in Jeju Island together.

When they were enjoying drinks in a cozy bar, Jihyo started filming to tell fans about something that Sejeong just did. According to Jihyo, the sociable Sejeong asked the owner to join them in their table.

When I wasn’t shooting, Sejeong, who is super extroverted asked the owner, who is a woman, to see if it’s possible to sit with us.

— Jihyo

Sejeong explained that she was curious about the woman’s life and wanted to ask a slew of questions.

Let’s ask! How did she start surfing or who does she surf with? How did she decide to open this bar?

— Sejeong

After hearing her words, Jihyo simply said, “Sejeong is really curious about other people. I’m really learning how extroverted people socialize on this trip.”

Despite their opposing social skills, the two best friends get along like two peas in a pod!

| @clean_0828/Instagram

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