TWICE Jihyo And Kim Sejeong’s Jeju Vacation Is The Opposite Of What You’d Expect From Celebrities

Just another reason to love them!

TWICE‘s Jihyo and singer-actress Kim Sejeong (also known as Kim Se Jeong) are close friends who watched each other rise to fame through the years.

Kim Sejeong (left) and TWICE’s Jihyo (right) | @clean_0828/Instagram

The former is a member of one of the most legendary K-Pop groups in history…

…while the latter is known for being a part of the beloved groups I.O.I. and Gugudan. Not to mention she was also the adored lead actress of the hit K-Drama Business Proposal!

| @clean_0828/Instagram

The two recently spent several days in Jeju Island together, but it was a surprisingly simple trip. Given their status as top celebrities, it wouldn’t be a stretch to expect them to have a luxurious vacation, but they chose not to.

It all started from their plane ride. Instead of flying business class, they opted for the more cramped economy class.

After touching down on the island and grabbing their bags, they walked over to their car. Did they own it? No, it was rented. Was it a luxury car? No, it was a Kia. And did they employ a chauffeur? No, Jihyo herself drove it!

They didn’t even book a room in a five-star hotel—they stayed with family from Se Jeong’s side.

Finally, the two were down-to-earth even in the food that they ate and their interactions with other people. They didn’t leverage their status as celebrities to get a free meal, and they were friendly and playful with the owner of a café they visited.

Jihyo and Kim Sejeong didn’t need to spend an arm and a leg to enjoy their vacation. Simple food, good company, and a beautiful environment were more than enough!

| @clean_0828/Instagram
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