TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals A Sporty New Image To Her Staff And Their Reaction Is Completely Unexpected

Staff couldn’t contain their shock at this look!

TWICE‘s Jihyo has been showing off a sporty new side of herself over the past few months. It started with her partnership with Under Armour that had fans in awe of her fitness journey.


Now Jihyo has her own photo book coming out called Yes, I am Jihyo where she is getting to show off that sporty side again.

Yes, I am Jihyo. | TWICE/YouTube 

While the Under Armour shoot focused on athletic wear, for this photo book Jihyo decided that one of her looks would be inspired by an unexpected sport, skateboarding.

Yes, I am Jihyo. | TWICE/YouTube 

On the day of shooting, Jihyo was initially nervous to exit her trailer as she hadn’t worn anything like this since her debut. The look combined skate park chic with a cute pigtail moment to show off Jihyo’s charms. She confessed that she had “worked up the courage” to wear this look.

“How cute! I mean it! Really cute!” “I worked up the courage. This is my first time since I debuted.” | TWICE/YouTube

Unfortunately for Jihyo, there was a bit of a misunderstanding between her and the staff that caused her to become shy. Upon seeing her adorable skate park pigtails, the staff couldn’t help but giggle as Jihyo revealed this new, cute side of herself.

“Why? I don’t look cute?” “You look cute. We laughed because you are so cute.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Jihyo mistook this for the staff laughing at her and was feeling a bit unsure at first.

Yes, I am Jihyo. | TWICE/YouTube 

Luckily, her staff is supportive and understands Jihyo’s needs. They kept complimenting this cute new hairdo until Jihyo’s nervous shyness turned into embarrassed shyness.

“You look so cute!” [Kinda embarrassing] [LOL because of how other staff reacted] | TWICE/YouTube 
Jihyo admitted that she understood the staffs’ surprise as this look is very different from her style.

“I know. They find it really strange. I don’t ever wear this kind of hairstyle. So I think that’s why people are unfamiliar with it.” | TWICE/YouTube 

Jihyo then shared that she rocked the style to give ONCEs the feeling that she was a “...sporty girl who came to skateboard with [them].”

“You look like a very sporty girl who came to skateboard with ONCE.” | TWICE/YouTube 

After her whole pigtail ordeal was over, Jihyo was asked if she was planning to keep the trendy look. She said that maybe she’d wear the outfit again but “never the hair.”

[Can you go out like this?] “Where? Not for shooting? Just by myself looking like this? Maybe the outfit, but never the hair.” | TWICE/YouTube 
While Jihyo might not be used to her pigtails yet, we absolutely love her in this adorable style. What do you think of Jihyo’s skate park chic? Let us know and to see her full behind-the-scenes, watch the video below: