TWICE’s Jihyo Sprinting To See Sana Out Of Quarantine Is A Whole Mood This Holiday Season

It’s “No Sana, no life” for Jihyo too.

Tis the season to be jolly and all — but we know it. In 2020, the holiday season hits different because COVID-19 has kept (and will be keeping) families and friends apart.

That separation anxiety ran deep for TWICE‘s Jihyo too — when Sana had to go into self-quarantine after coming in contact with Chungha who had tested positive.

TWICE’s Jihyo | @twicetagram/Instagram

So when Sana finally completed her two-week quarantine, Jihyo couldn’t wait a second longer. On TWICE’s official Instagram feed, a video — said to be taken inside the JYP Entertainment building — captured the heartwarming reunion!

Jihyo records herself sprinting to a room where Sana awaits…

Staff: [Are you going to see] Sana?
Jihyo: Yes!

… and immediately falling into Sana’s open arms once together again! Sana giggles as Jihyo lets out a big sigh of relief…

… and ONCEs simply cannot hold back the tears watching these two show off their unbreakable bond as sisters!

| theqoo

Earlier the same day, Sana shared a post reassuring the worried fans that she is “feeling great“…

Were you guys super worried about me? I felt fine, I’m feeling great now! I only missed you guys so, so much.

— Sana

… and now, knowing she’s safely back in Jihyo’s arms, ONCEs are feeling great too!

| @twiceonceland/Twitter

Who will you be sprinting to, after the pandemic subsides?

Kkung-ie going to see Jjak-ie

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Source: theqoo