Something Went Wrong On Stage But TWICE’s Jihyo Remained Professional — Here’s How The Other Members Responded

Did you notice?

When a group performs live on stage, anything can happen from mistakes, distractions, and wardrobe malfunctions. However, when this happens, it’s the way the idols react that is the most important thing!

TWICE recently appeared on KBS‘s Music Bank promoting their latest track, “Alcohol-Free.” During the song’s iconic “crab dance,” fans couldn’t help but notice that Jihyo‘s headscarf fell off!

Like the professional she is, Jihyo continued dancing, not allowing the mishap to impact the performance. She was not the only member to make sure that the scarf didn’t cause any chaos!

As soon as Sana noticed what had happened and when it was her turn to sing, she quickly kicked the scarf off the stage to make sure it didn’t impact any members. She then continued to sing and perform as if nothing had happened!

After Sana removed the hair extension, the members continued to dance, and many wondered whether they had noticed what had happened. There was one member’s reaction that fans fell in love with.

Yet, when Dahyun started her part, Nayeon saw the top of Jihyo’s head and noticed that something looks a bit different. After realizing what happened, fans could see the huge smile on her face as she tried not to laugh! 

Even though Nayeon found it funny, she and the rest of the group were true professionals. You can watch the whole performance below!


Source: KBS World TV