TWICE’s Jihyo Reveals Why She Thinks She’s Actually A Bad Dancer

Despite being known as a powerful performer, she shared why she thinks she’s actually not that good!

TWICE‘s Jihyo is known for her powerful vocals and equally powerful dance, but she recently shared why she thinks she’s actually a bad dancer!

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The members of TWICE have been releasing their individual “Melody” and “Performance” projects, and Jihyo covered Camila Cabello‘s “Crown” as both a singing and dancing project, and killed it!

A behind-the-scenes video of Jihyo recording the song and practicing the choreography was released, where she can be seen going hard at practice!

The choreographer continuously complimented Jihyo at nailing the difficult dance routine, and shared a story! She revealed how Jihyo kept insisting she was a bad dancer, so the choreographer took it upon herself to look for fancams of her onstage, and was super impressed with Jihyo’s dancing!

She always says that she forgets the moves all the time. So I looked up all her dance videos… What a liar! She keeps saying she’s a bad dancer, so I told her she’s a liar.

She dances so hard in those videos I watched.


As the compliments kept coming, Jihyo truly loved up to her rep as a dancer, learning the whole choreography in just 2 hours! As she thanked the choreographer for her compliments, she shared why she thinks she’s a bad dancer!

It’s because the [TWICE] members learn it really fast. They all memorize so fast. Like after 1 or 2 practices, they remember everything. So I feel like that.


All of TWICE are amazing dancers, and Jihyo’s no exception!

Watch Jihyo’s performance project cover of “Crown” here!

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