TWICE’s Jihyo Actually Made Her TV Debut When She Was Just 2 Years Old

She was born to be a star.

TWICE‘s Jihyo has had a long and arduous journey. She trained for around 10 years before finally making her debut with TWICE. Having auditioned in elementary school, she immediately began her trainee period at a young age.

TWICE’s Jihyo during her audition. | Mnet

She later participated in survival reality show, Sixteen, for a shot at debut.

Of course, she made it through and officially debuted as the leader of TWICE in 2015. Her stunning visuals and vocal talent stunned everyone.

Jihyo during her debut. | JYPE

She’s matured into a gorgeous lady over the years as her image grew more elegant and sultry. Here is her in TWICE’s most recent promotional concept photos.


Although she’s been in the limelight for around 7 years now, did you know that she actually made her TV debut back when she was only 2 years old? She appeared in a short segment of a show that was made to test how well babies were able to recognize themselves. She was put into a room of mirrors at just 21 months old.

Jihyo was referred to by her real name, Park Jisoo. Her doll-like features were prominent ever since she was a baby. No wonder she was selected to be on the show! Looks like she was truly born for a life on the screens!