How TWICE Made JYP’s Interviews for “Super Intern” Turn Into a Hilarious Hot Mess

That TWICE impact is just too strong.

JYP is currently interviewing people to be the company’s interns on Super Intern, but he got the surprise of his life during the interview portion…and it was all thanks to TWICE!

During the first episode of Super Intern, JYP asked potential employees the standard interview question:

“What do you think is [JYPE’s] strong point?”

And instead of getting the varied answers he was looking for, he got one from almost all the interviewees:

JYP, of course, was shocked that that TWICE was the only thing people thought of when it came to describe the company’s strengths, and had a bit of a humorous meltdown by telling the interviewees:

“We’re a company with no strong points other than TWICE?!”

Fans of course, found the situation just as funny, saying things such as:

While we can’t deny TWICE’s brand power, we do hope JYP has a better time with the second crop of interviewees!