TWICE’s Manager Didn’t Allow Dahyun To Hang With Her Fans, And Her Reaction Is Making Hearts Explode

She was so adorably sulky!

TWICE‘s Dahyun loves ONCEs so much!

On December 16, the filming for the 2020 Idol Star Athletics Championship (ISAC) took place. Dahyun, the only member of TWICE to be present at the event, had reprised her role as MC for this year’s ISAC as well.


During the filming, Dahyun managed to get a break for a while, and she came along to the glass divide between the arena and the fans. She then asked her manager if she could get closer to the fans present there just for her, and when her manager said no, her reaction is warming and breaking the hearts of ONCEs everywhere!


She began to sulk and in a playful manner, frustratedly hit the glass lightly, showing how much her fans mean to her! ONCE have been appreciating Dahyun’s adorable actions and how much she loves her fans!


TWICE recently wrapped up the Japan leg of their TWICELIGHTS tour. They’re currently on a break, but are also attending year-end ceremonies as well.

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