TWICE Reveals Which Member They Think Suits The Concept Of “Alcohol-Free” The Most

The members named who they think is perfect for “Alcohol-Free”!

TWICE recently made their explosive summer comeback, and revealed who they think suits the concept for “Alcohol-Free” the most!

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Recently, TWICE sat down for an interview with Rolling Stone, where they talked about their latest album, evolving concepts, and more!

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Given their latest comeback is rife with the bright, happy, and fun vibes of summer, TWICE was asked to name the member who suits this concept perfectly!

Fans will often pick out certain members who really stand out in each song. As a group, who do you think shines most in “Alcohol-Free”?

Nayeon picked Jihyo, saying that her tanned skin and summer visuals in the outfits for this comeback make her perfect for “Alcohol-Free”!

I think our outfits for this round of promotions match Jihyo really well. Jihyo has always tanned for the summer and I think her healthy-looking skin tone matches the season.

The concept for “Alcohol-Free” is not only summery but also draws inspiration from South American cultures with vibrant colors, which I think look really good on Jihyo.


Jihyo | JYP Entertainment

Dahyun then picked Chaeyoung, naming her iconic pink hair in the MV as one reason why she thinks she fits the concept perfectly!

I’d like to call out Chaeyoung’s new hair. I noticed that it looked really good when we were filming and fit the vibe of the music video well. Right now, her hair is damaged a bit, but in the music video, you’ll see that it looked really nice and bright.


Chaeyoung | JYP Entertainment

TWICE recently made their comeback with the mini-album Taste Of Love, and title track “Alcohol-Free”.

Watch the MV for it here!

Source: Rolling Stone