The TWICE Members Battle Ghosts In Their Latest “TIME TO TWICE” Mission, But They Are Just As Scared Of Each Other

They’re so good at pranking each other 😂

The TWICE members have been together for so long that they know exactly how to scare each other!

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The latest episode of TIME TO TWICE concluded the second season of the TDOONG High School series. In this episode, the members had to search for clues at an abandoned school to unlock the classroom where their Sports Day prizes awaited them.

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Although they screamed as they encountered ghosts while looking for clues…

…the members scared each other just as much as the ghosts did!

Chaeyoung and Mina were the first team to complete the mission, and they started the trend of scaring the other teams.

When Nayeon and Jihyo were outside the locked classroom, both Chaeyoung and Mina got up to scare the other team by banging on the walls.

Their prank worked, and Nayeon let out a high-pitched scream! Chaeyoung and Mina laughed as they walked back to their seats, and they looked pleased with the results of their prank.

Jihyo jumped at the opportunity to scare the next team, Tzuyu and Momo. As they passed, Jihyo banged on the walls while Nayeon, Chaeyoung, and Mina watched.

Tzuyu and Momo were totally caught off guard by the loud banging, and Momo even fell to the ground as she screamed.

Of course, Jihyo couldn’t resist the opportunity to try and scare the next team, Sana and Dahyun! She banged on the wall again when this team passed, but Sana and Dahyun didn’t react at all.

Although the scary prank didn’t work on extremely brave Sana and Dahyun, it worked on all the other teams, which proves that the TWICE members know exactly which pranks will scare their fellow members!

See the full episode of TIME TO TWICE below.