TWICE’s Sana And Dahyun Shock The Other Members By Being The Bravest Duo In The Latest “TIME TO TWICE”

We stan these brave queens!

TWICE‘s Sana and Dahyun proved just how brave they are in the latest episode of TIME TO TWICE, and they wowed the other members with their bravery!

TWICE’s Sana and Dahyun | @twicetagram/Instagram

In this episode, the TWICE members explored the dark grounds of an empty school to find numbers to help them crack the code to the lock on their classroom.

| TWICE/YouTube

Throughout the episode, the school and the school grounds were filled with the sounds of TWICE’s screams.

However, one team hardly screamed: Sana and Dahyun!

They calmly started their mission by talking about the moon. Sana said, “I think the strawberry moon will be up soon,” and Dahyun said the moon looked so beautiful and that “you’re supposed to get lucky with the one you watch the moon with.”

As Sana and Dahyun started their mission, Nayeon, Jihyo, Chaeyoung, and Mina said Dahyun was worried that her “reaction would be so boring.” 

Although Dahyun seemed confident that she wouldn’t be scared, Sana was nervous about the mission. She asked Dahyun, “What if something pops?”

Dahyun reassured Sana by saying, “I’m with you,” and the two set off to start looking for clues.

The two calmly searched the first room without screaming at all, and they even laughed when they left the room!

They easily found a clue in the next room, and they didn’t scream this time either.

As they made their way to the school building, Dahyun said everything looked scary now that it was dark outside, but she screamed “shoo shoo” to scare any lurking ghosts away.

When they made it into their first classroom, Dahyun instantly guessed that one of the ghosts was hiding under the desk, so she lifted the curtain and peeked under it. Her quick thinking made Sana laugh and kept this duo from screaming once again!

As they walked to the second floor of the school, Sana said “it’s not gonna be as bad as we think.” While watching from a monitor in the classroom, Jihyo remarked that she couldn’t hear Dahyun and Sana, which proves just how brave they were while walking through the haunted school.

Once Sana and Dahyun made it into the second-floor classroom, the other members felt sure that they would be scared of that classroom’s ghost.

However, Sana and Dahyun burst out laughing when they entered the classroom, said hello to the ghost, and even thanked the ghost for its hard work! Clearly, it’s hard to scare these two!

The only time they screamed was when a ghost popped out of a cabinet, but they quickly recovered and said hello to the ghost. Even the editors were impressed that Sana and Dahyun were able to hold their screams in this long, and they captioned the moment “their silence is finally broken.” 

When they made it into the locked classroom, Sana and Dahyun were all smiles. The other members asked Sana if she was scared while completing the mission and she said she was scared “just once.”

Looks like Sana and Dahyun make a great, hard-to-scare team!

See the full episode of TIME TO TWICE below.